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Daily Forecast (Fore October 22, 2015)

The following are the effects of the planetary positions, as per your rashi, i.e. Indian moon sign. Given here are the general effects as given in the classical Vedic astrology scriptures. However they can vary quite a bit based on your individual horoscope.

Today you are likely to get fame at your work place. You will work hard and receive appreciation for your determination. Time is favorable for starting new project, taking important decision regarding business.
Take care of your relation with your father today. You are likely to have some differences of opinion with him. Stay calm. Try to understand his point of view.
You will have cordial relation with your mother. You are likely to pass some happy moments with your family. Time is suitable for purchasing property or a vehicle today.

You will have good relation with your brothers and sisters. Support them and work for their welfare. Today you will feel yourself full of energy. You will work more efficiently at your work place today. Your luck will support you today. You are likely to take keen interest in religious activities. You may participate in a religious ceremony or may go to any religious place.

You are likely to have financial gains. Time is also favorable for family life. You are likely to pass good time with your near and dear. Take care of your health. You may have some health issues. Time is also not favorable for ancestral property. There may be some dispute regarding old property.

You will have a romantic day with your life partner with slight differences. You are expected to have a memorable time with your spouse. You may plan to go for a dinner or to a movie or to a picnic with them. You will also have a favorable time for day to day working activities. Time is also favorable for your health and prestige. Today you will have charming personality. People will praise you. You will have self confidence.

Take care of your health today. Consult a doctor at the slightest doubt of a disease. You should strictly avoid any type of argument and disputes today. Lead a simple life and keep pending all new projects and important decisions. Do not give or take a loan today. You should try to repay your loan. Stay away from dangerous places, arms and ammunitions or anything sharp as there is possibility of injury or accident today. Keep control over your expenses. Expenses may also occur due to health problem and due to some kind of disputes.

This day is suitable for students. They will perform very well in the field of education. If you have kids, you will good news from your children. Try to spend some quality time with them and act for their welfare. Time is also favorable for financial gains. You can take decision related to business.

You will have cordial relation with your father. You will get his blessings today. You will focus on your work today. Today is not a favorable day for driving; there are possibilities of minor injury. So, you are requested to drive safely. Take care of your mother. Try to support her in her daily works. Make efforts to make her happy. There may be some misunderstanding between both of you. Time is also not favorable for property.
This day is favorable for sale and purchase deals, financial investments, and activities involving loans, taking decisions, starting new assignments and making trips.

Today you will feel full of energy and enthusiastic. You will work hard at your workplace. You will feel batter working efficiency in yourself. You will pass good time with your brothers and sisters. Although you may have minor disputes with them, but overall relation will be cordial with them. You will be strong minded and will have a very strong will power. Luck will favor you today. You may incline towards religious activities. You will find peace in charity work or in spirituality.

Time is not suitable financially. Avoid purchasing any costly item today. You may also have some difference of opinion with your family members. Try to avoid any dispute with them. Time is favorable for ancestral property. You may get something valuable from your parents.

You will have a pleasing personality today. Other will get attracted towards you. You will happy and satisfied. Your mind will have many thoughts today. Singles may meet someone very special, with whom they may make long term relationships. Married couples will have very cordial relationship with their life partner. They may spend intimate time together.

Avoid any dispute today. Stay calm during any unpleasant event. You may feel depressed and disturbed today. You should spend this day in a simple way. Don’t go to an unknown place or avoid meeting a stranger. Keep control over your expenses, otherwise such expenses may put you into financial problems. Time is not favorable today to purchase valuable items.

Time is very favorable for students also. You will do well at studies. Your classmate will take inspiration from you. During exam you will perform very well. You will earn profit from your wisdom and experience.

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By: Jyotish Mitra

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