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Daily Horoscope (For October 06, 2015)

The following are the effects of the planetary positions, as per your rashi, i.e. Indian moon sign. Given here are the general effects as given in the classical Vedic astrology scriptures. However they can vary quite a bit based on your individual horoscope.

You will get success if you deal with variety of persons today. You may face unpleasant moments. You should keep away from water. Take care of your heart. Do not do any work, which exerts pressure on your heart.

Live a simple life. We advise you not to start anything important today. We also suggest you to stay away from disputes. You are likely to utilize your mental strength in a constructive direction today. You should take care while driving a vehicle or going for a journey.

Do not do anything which lower your status and prestige. Others may defame you. They may have an opinion against you.

This day is very suitable for you. You will have a very strong will power today. You will complete all the works successfully you start today. You will achieve good name and recognition today. Others will admire you. You will have a day full of prosperity. You will work smoothly. All the hurdles you were facing are going to remove today. You will feel satisfaction and contentment with your working efficiency and life.

You can use this day to achieve all sort of success in family and business life. You will continue to have cordial relation with your brothers and sisters. You will get the support and affection from them. Your relations with them will further enhance. You will spend happy time with your spouse, children and other family members.


Today, you may get financial profit unexpectedly and suddenly. However we advise you not to enter into any financial investment today. You should also avoid transactions regarding loans.

This is a good time to achieve success. Avoid entering into a dispute with your neighbors or family members. Good relationship with your neighbors and relatives will be highly fortunate for you. 

Take a good care of your food habits. You may have some kind of stomach problem. Take good care of your eyes also. 
We advise you to spend good time with your spouse and children.

This day is suitable for students also. They will perform batter according to their ability and hard work. Bring happiness to yourself and onto other by spreading love and affection.

This day is very favorable day for you. You may feel over sensitive and emotional. Do not waste your valuable time in thinking useless things. Today you should do self analysis and try to improve upon your shortcomings. This day is suitable for accomplishing all important works and objectives. Evaluate your own personal strength and work accordingly to achieve your goals. 

You will enjoy a good time with your friends and relatives. Take care of your health. Consider various aspects of improving your health and proceed accordingly. 

Planetary positions will not prove to be beneficial for you today. You may suffer from depression and anxiety.

You may face hurdle in all sorts of things today. You should pass the day in a simple manner and avoid doing anything important and taking important decisions. Do not start any new venture or get into any business deal. At least, you should avoid a costly purchase deal today.  

You are advised to identify your enemies, and remain alert on this account. You should take care of your eyes and legs. 

Planetary transit is likely to produce extremely favorable results today. You will pass the day happily. You will gain knowledge and wisdom today.

You will have good amount of financial gains. You may receive a gift. Students will also enjoy a favorable time today. They will surely achieve success in the field of knowledge. Others will admire you and praise your personal qualities. Continue to maintain cordial relations with your elder brothers and sisters and support them.

This is an extremely favorable day for making business deals. You may start your long pending project. Your health will support you today.

You will feel happy in the company of your life partner and children. Lovers will be in a romantic mood this day. It will enhance your fortune. Consult a doctor in case you have ear trouble. This is a favorable day from all the business angle.

Planetary positions are likely to produce favorable results. Fortune will favor you today. Always respect your father. Assist him and take his blessings. This day is suitable for working hard to enhance your position at your work place. If you are searching for a job, you should try hard today. You may get an opportunity to find a suitable job today.

You will enjoy worldly pleasures. You will find happiness according to your actions in the past. This day is favorable for you to involve yourself in all type of business activities. You may go for a business trip. Trip will be fruitful. You will receive fame and honor at your workplace. Your coworkers will admire you for your personal qualities.

This day is favorable for students also. They will get remarkable success in the field of knowledge and studies.

Today your fortune will be on your side. This is highly suitable day for you to incline towards performing religious rituals. This day is fruitful for you from all angles. If you go for religious place or do other religious activities, you will get favorable results.

You will pass your time happily today. This day is suitable to take important decisions today. You will have a strong will power today.

We advise you to pass your time with caution and purity of mind. This day is not suitable for starting new things, taking important decisions, making fresh financial investments, giving or taking loans, going for a journey, sale and purchase of materials etc. Live a simple life today. Stay away from any type of dispute.

Be alert regarding your food habits. Avoid contact with any stranger. Some people may have opinion against you.

Planetary positions will give you good results. You will enjoy worldly pleasures today. You are likely spend some very intimate moments with your life partner. If you are having a love relation with someone, you will enjoy pleasure and favorable time in your love affairs. If you are single and want to propose someone, this is suitable time to proceed.

This day is not favorable for you. You should stay away from any type of disputes and try to pass your day calmly. Do not initiate anything new. Do not take or execute important decision today.

This day is not favorable for health point of view. You should take consultation from a doctor if you are suffering from any disease. Take care while going for a trip, you may get hurt. Be alert from thieves and enemies.

Keep control over your expenditure. Do not go for shopping. If you expend extravagantly, you will put yourself in a financial crisis.

This day is favorable for you. This day is highly rewarding for students. Students should concentrate on their studies today. Your mind will act sharply.  

If you have kids, you are likely to spend very good time with them. This day is suitable for doing all the important works, especially business related works. Take care of your stomach.

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By: Shailesh Srivastava

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