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“Danish Girl” Producer: The time for a Transgender film

Today:- The biopic, starring Eddie Redmayne as the first known recipient of gender realignment surgery has been since 2009. The film is an adaptation of the 2000 novel by the same name, and follows Lili’s journey as a transgender pioneer. The Danish Girl’s world premiere will take place on Saturday at the Venice Film Festival, and is set for limited release on Nov. 27.
Elbe was one of the first transgender women to successfully undergo sex-reassignment surgery; the movie, due out in 2016, is directed by Tom Hooper (who previously worked with Redmayne in 2012’s family-friendly singalong, Les Miserables). The first photo of Redmayne as Elbe, above, was released last week.
“She went forward with this sense of desire and curiosity and risk-taking. She grasped hold of something that she wanted, and she went for it. And that’s the thing that we don’t always do.”
Enjoy the official trailer of “Danish Girl”:-

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