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Don’t Laugh Or Pity……

Today:- People love those kids who stammer between the age of 2 to 5, this is the period of temporary stammering. This is a crucial time for speech and language development. But some children never grow out of this speech disorder, continuing to stammer into adulthood which is not good in society or in front of their friends. Sometime friends scoff of them. We can say that parents are the main reason of their children’s stammering problem because sometime they ignore it, if their child is not speaking well between the age of 5 to 10, they should consult speech pathologist or speech clinician. Parents may be supported and the development of stammering prevented problem. Sometime leads to feelings ao intense that turning thoughts and experience in words can be difficult for children. We can see the problem of IQ level, Listening problem, learning problem are low in these kind of children.

In any case child suffered from any problem in their vocal cord, internal ear or nerves system so this type of problem can be develop. The solution of this problem are:-

1. Consult ENT specialist and know the physical problem.
2. To know about the child’s IQ level, go to the clinical psychologist.
3. Provoke your children to speak more at home and in school also, but do not laugh on them.
4. If your child doesn’t remember anything of few minutes back then consult clinical psychologist.
This therapy will improve in speaking of your children.

By: Shahina Noor- Reporter(Translation-Jasleen Kaur )

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