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Eating Habits Creating Breast Cancer

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Today:- We look different changes in girl’s body when they turns into young age. Especially in menses they start to get weak. There are various reasons for this but the main reason is different life style and eating habits, people are used to have jungfood and invite fatness and other diseases. this kind of lifestyle causes breast cancer. If you are getting fat and addicted of jungfood, cigratte and says no to exercise so just assume that you are giving birth to a big problem.
There are 1 lakh 30 thousand cases of breast cancer in India till now. Breast cancer rates are much higher in haryana state of India because of their eating habits. This information is taken from all over the country awareness research ” Max super specialis”. Few years ago this breast cancer used to appeared mostly after the age of 50 years, and about 65-70% breast cancer happen by the age of 50 years. But now breast cancer attacks on young women because of their lifestyle and eating habits. Research said, in last few years ago almost 50% cases came whose age are just between 25 to 50 years. Almost 70% cases of breast cancer catch on last stage or with fully developed.
According to the survey, there are 55,000 cases of breast cancer in 2015. If in any case cancer can be catch in starting stage so , there is 80-100% chances to save patient life. According to the WHRO rates, 60% women found with breast cancer at 3rd or 4th stage. And the latest research said, the breast cancer arise in Haryana state than in Punjab. National and International study report saying, up to 70% cases occured due to the addiction of Tobacco. This is the responsibity of youngster to get rid of the cancer problem just make your life style in a proper manner.
By: Shahina Noor-Reporter-Translation -Jasleen Kaur-

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