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Education Psychologist A Grand Career Option

Today:- According to the career expert students should choose their field in which they are interested to achieve their goals. Mostly parents take interest in their children’s lives. The best option for students is ’Education Psychologist’ because in today’s generation some students are in depression.
•Education psychologist make student’s career well.
Mostly students are suffers from depression problem, just because of this parents take help of psychologist, this is the only reason the demand of this field for career are gaining.
•Psychologist counseling prevent student’s bad career.
Psychologist evaluates, diagnoses, treat and studies behaviour and mental process. In education psychology they focus to improve students and teenager’s problem. To compete with others mostly students are in stress and depression. so, they need education psychologist because it works on these kind of problem.
Educational psychologist get work in school, colleges, and another offices. On the other hand if they want to open their own office so they can. If you need to know about your children or prevent their depression so you can choose educational psychologist this is the best option to improve the career of your child.
• You can contact to these following offices to become Education psychologist:-
Government college of education psychologist and guidance, Jabalpur
Delhi university, New Delhi
Madras university, Chennai
Calcutta university, calcutta
Banaras university, Varanasi
• If you are planning to go abroad so you can contact to these following university:-
Birmingham university
 Bristol university
Manchester university

By: Shahina Noor-Reporter Translation J. Kaur (Teennews1 Network Team)

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