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Educational psychologist-key to happiness…………!!!

Teenagers these days have become very conscious about their career. Just after passing 12th they start looking for the best option for them in which they could see their bright future.
These days many Colleges and institutions are providing such courses which could help students professionally.
If you are someone who loves to be surrounded by children and wants that for life time, then choosing a career as education psychologist is the best for you. If you have soft inclination for knowing the reason behind kids depression then yes you are on the right track with us today.
We are here to guide you with some of such techniques and principles.These days maximum of students are a big time pray of depression. So, perusing as career in the same would give us better opportunities for future.
By doing psychologist counseling we can save students future from being hampered.
What is Educational Psychology???
Psychology is a vast branch of science. Educational Psychology comes under one such category. It basically focuses on children and teenagers like us.
Due to increasing competition day by day maximum teenagers end up falling in depression. At this point of time they badly need educational psychologist. They deal with such cases only. Their study and qualification is all about this. They are the one who work for our well being.
Opportunities of career in Educational Psychology:
There are very good opportunities in this field,we can get placed in good schools, colleges and any good organization as this course is gaining popularity day by day. Even more after doing this course one can easily open his/her own clinic.
From where should we pursue this course??
Government College of Educational Psychology and Guidance, Jabalpur
Delhi University, New Delhi
Madras University, Chennai
Calcutta University, Kolkata
Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
Overseas Colleges:
Birmingham University
Bristol University Manchester University

By: S. Noor & Namrata Sharma (Teennews Network Team)

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