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Even Body Organ Is Under Cyber Threat

Today:- Can you believe your body organ can be controlled by another person??Sounds like any science fiction movie dialogue, but as a matter of fact it is true.
Artificial pancreas, which are designed for blood sugar control are facing a severe security threats which could put patient’s life at risk just because it runs on codes on rather a small software.
Just like we face viruses, malware, and spyware in our Laptops same would be the case with artificial pancreas, anyone can gain access through virus and manipulate your organ which could be disastrous.
Cyber threat is an international concern nowadays, technology plays its part in all spheres of life. Every artificial object like Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone, Phablets etc. controlled by software or any program will always be under cyber threat.
By: Abhilash Srivastava

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