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Facebook Videos Will Spin With You….

Today:- Facebook has added the feature of 360-degree videos in its news feed. Which means that if you spin your phone around, the videos will spin with you, showing you every angle of a scene.

As of now, the feature has been rolled out for Android and web, but would be available for iOS too in the next few months, TechCrunch.com reported.

At launch, publishers including Star Wars, Discovery, GoPro, Uninterrupted With LeBron James, NBC’s Saturday Night Live and VICE will start posting 360-degree videos.

Facebook worked with Oculus to build 360 video for news feed. The format could let you share immersive vacation videos like never before.

Mark Zuckerberg has maintained that Facebook is on a steady march to more vivid content formats, from text to photos to videos to VR.

For now, on the web and mobile the users would be able to swipe around to view different angles, or the phone’s gyroscope will pick up their swivelling motions and convert them into moving your perspective.

To shoot these videos, one needs an expensive 360 camera like a Bubblcam. That means for now the users are more likely to see bigger brands and publishers sharing these videos than average people.

But as the cost of the technology comes down and phone cameras get better, we could see a democratisation of this immersive format.

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