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Today: Why do you want to change your partner again ? What is in your mind? Hardly you have spent one month and you become bored and start looking for other partner….
Do you think is there any one who will convert your fantasy into reality….No..none…. it is a mirage …..
If you don’t want to change your parent, relatives,old friends …..Then why partner… again and again ….
May be you never entered in a relationship …you just handled this connection as a game …But remember in all games are designed for the purpose to win- loose and over…but relationship is designed to accommodate those, who are close to you . Remember in all relationship there is a big part of grey patch …always yes or no is not right answer …..Do you think there is any ideal mother, father ,sister , brother..so how can you get an ideal partner? Are you an ideal son, daughter ,sister or brother ????? No one is perfect….Remember if you will be too choosy too clever …you wont get anything …..alone ……
By:Teennews1 Network Team

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