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Fewer Beijing couples for second baby

By Gaurav Sharma
Today:- Beijing, Jan – Even though China has scrapped its one-child policy to deal with its aging population, fewer couples in Beijing want to have a second baby.

According to a survey done in 2016-17, about 58.6 percent of Beijing residents would like to have two children, down from 70.4 percent in 2001

The survey was published by the Beijing Social Psychological Work Committee, Xinhua news agency reported.

While 72.6 percent of Beijing residents have only one child. about 10.8 percent have two children.

Beijing is one of the most expensive cities in China, with the cost of healthcare and education rising every year.

The survey was of 2,430 people, according to Beijing Youth Daily.

China relaxed its one-child policy to two in 2016 to cope with the growing aging population. The policy was implemented in 1979.

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