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Five held for car theft, 15 cars recovered

Today:- Gurgaon, Dec – Five men have been arrested here for their involvement in car theft and 15 cars have been recovered from their possession, police said on Sunday.

The five arrested were identified as Vikram Singh from near Haryana’s Dharuhera, Arshad from Tijara in Rajasthan’s Alwar, Narender from Nayagaon in Haryana’s Rewari, Ayub from Nanakheri near Tijara, and Rajiv Kumar from Haryana’s Hisar.

Vikram Singh and Arshad stole cars from various areas of Gurgaon and sold them in rural area of Rewari and Rajasthan’s Bharatpur and Alwar districts.

While Rajiv prepared fake documents of the stolen cars, Narender and Ayub bought the stolen cars and subsequently pushed them into the MARKET.

Police officer Arvind Kumar said the accused have confessed to their involvement in at least 30 car theft cases in Gurgaon.

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