Food that help to beat Insomnia

Food that help to beat Insomnia


Today:-Insomnia is a condition in which a person is unable to sleep in the night, or not getting quality sleep. This sounds quite normal in today’s lifestyle, but Insomnia can destroy your immune system and health and can lead to disease like Diabetes or High Blood Pressure.
The reasons found for this serious problem are nutritional deficiencies, medications, anxiety and stress. The science behind this problem is the imbalance of hormones like Cortisol, Melatonin, whose job is to release stress and is responsible for good mood.
But, nothing to panic, there are some remedies, which will help you to beat this illness:-
Eat cherries as they boost the supply of Melatonin.
Eat foods rich in selenium like nuts, onions, etc.
Get yourself exposed to sunlight as it is a natural source of vitamin D.
Eat dark green, leafy vegetables, which are a good source of iron and vitamins.
Eat foods rich in omega3 fatty acids.
Daily do meditation and Pranayama like Anolom Vilom and Yog Nidra.
Do some stretching exercise early in the morning.
By: Teennews1 Network Team


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