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Forecast ‘Saturday, 21st April 2018’

—- By Dr. Ajai Bhambi – Eminent Astrologer

‘Birthday Forecast’

Moon opposite Saturn on your solar return chart is indicative of some mixed developments. You look forward to supplement your income but don’t forget that it requires solid planning not mere ideas. You could be slightly stressed while meeting people’s expectations and approval. However, you would be quite balanced in your approach while resolving challenges especially at family front. Routine matters at work progress effortlessly though you may face some interruptions in new assignments and projects. A spiritual guide will play an important role. Travel will bring in some gains and would also be revitalizing. Family plans gain momentum and children bring you proud.

Lucky dates: 3, 12, 21, 30
Lucky days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
Lucky colours: Light yellow, All shades of Blue, Beige

‘Forecast for Today’

Aries: (April 14 – May 14)

Some planetary influences can lead to more misapprehensions or delays than usual these days, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have some meaningful conversations. In fact, it’s a remarkable time for revisiting old discussions and plans. This is also an important time for getting in touch with your emotional and wants, even if they are slightly exaggerated under this influence.

Number: 3
Colour: Khaki

Taurus: (May 15 – June 15)

When there is a choice between two things that are equally appealing, it can be very difficult to see a middle ground. In fact, it may be a better strategy to reserve comments and observations and see things a little longer. It can be very difficult to balance your apprehensions and interactions relating to your relations wherein there is clear cut vested interest.

Number: 2
Colour: Peacock blue

Gemini : (June 16 – July 15)

It’s a good time for some self-focus, but also quite pleasurable for reaching out. The cosmic energy prompts you of the beautiful things already present in your life. Since there have been more than the usual difficulties in your life recently, you’ll welcome sensible and judicious perspective. While there is a retiring tendency in your work area all day, you will in the limelight anyhow.

Number: 2
Colour: Golden brown

Cancer: (July 16 – August 15)

The day’s drives are quite dynamic. You could be feeling torn between playing safe or going all out for a blast. You might also be feeling a burden on a financial level. While energy levels could indeed agonize from some indecision, fortunately, you have to open your mind to different possibilities. This is particularly the case for the higher order decisions.

Number: 1
Colour: Bright red

Leo: (August 16 – September 15)

To get out of something you don’t want to engage in, you might promise something even bigger and difficult, but that’s just unkind to yourself. You can be in an elevated mood as the day advances, but you could also be hoping too much, and this sets you up for some significant ups and downs. Try not to take others for that ride.

Number: 5
Colour: Green

Virgo: (September 16 – October 15)

Pay exact attention to key areas of your life that certainly require some extra upkeep, as this can help secure your future. Your mind is particularly sharp, and thinking is very clear, that might brighten your mood. Tap into the power of positive thinking at this point of time. You are drawing upon your unique wisdom to make fabulous decisions for the future.

Number: 6
Colour: Light Grey

Libra: (October 16 – November 15)

You might have great intents for making improvements at home front or making excursion plans with your loved ones, but you might also lose motivation quickly. However, if you centre yourself and try to get in touch with what’s making you uneasy, you can avoid these little problems. Indulge yourself today, but don’t go so overboard that you have to pay the price in the future.

Number: 8
Colour: Jade green

Scorpio: (November 16 – December 15)

Safeguard for coming across as too analytical in your personal life. Certainly, the external energies have been suspecting a hidden agenda, but it’s quite likely that what troubles you today will be a moot point later. Others might need to convince you right now, simply because you seem a little on edge. There can be no better time to plan some adventurous journey.

Number: 9
Colour: Silver

Sagittarius: (December 16 – January 13)

A clash with someone over attachments and loyalties is possible. You’ve been getting more care and you’re in a rather light, good mood much of the time these days, and someone may feel a little self-doubting as they fear you’re drifting away. However, it may, at times, be painful or pressured. Watch for being impatience and overreaching.

Number: 8
Colour: Golden

Capricorn: (January 14 – February 11)

Avoid taking on too demanding activities so that you don’t feel like you’re lagging behind. Rule of thumb today is to learn to be gentle with others and yourself as much as possible, which means being careful with what you reveal or divulge. People may not be as dependable as you’d like, but this can be about dispersed energies and not something to take personally.

Number: 7
Colour: Bronze

Aquarius: (February 12 – March 13)

Negotiations can be difficult today, but if others are willing to meet you midway, try your best to reach one. Even problematic interactions can teach you a lot about yourself and your needs. It’s quite possible that the situation is reversed for some of you, and you are feeling insecure in a relationship now, and that leaves you worrying.

Number: 3
Colour: Copper orange

Pisces: (March 14 – April 13)

You can’t settle all issues at once, but you can make a plan to reinforce areas where you feel the most susceptible one step at a time. These worries are with you for a cause, so do consider ways to meet your tasks that will satisfy you. Minor modifications you make now can have long-term benefits. You’re feeling better about your job or home life.

Number: 7
Colour: Pale blue

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