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Forecast ‘Thursday, 26th April 2018’

—- By Dr. Ajai Bhambi – Eminent Astrologer

‘Birthday Forecast’

Mars conjunct Pluto on your solar return chart indicates that there are some okay developments in personal and professional matters. Also, new approach towards finances, and social relationships could be there. This is a time of preparation, and refinement. It is not a time of theatrical changes. Pick and choose your challenges and fights carefully during this period. Finances need to be dealt with care as you have a tendency to overspend especially on luxury. If you learn from early hindrances you move on to greater success. Family support will be of great benefit. A focus on harmony and understanding will benefit you.

Lucky dates: 8, 17, 26
Lucky days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday
Lucky colours: Red, Orange, White, Black

‘Forecast for Today’

Aries : (April 14 – May 14)

There can be some dissatisfaction or mental laziness. Your mind can wander a lot when you need it to stay the most. It may be best to avoid firm plans as you may very well alter your decisions once you really get to think about it. Old issues that you thought were behind you might surface and occupy your thoughts. Keeping things open, if this is conceivable, may lead to a more enjoyable day.

Number: 5
Colour: Turquoise blue

Taurus : (May 15 – June 15)

The planets are all set to encourage your desires to do some of the rehearsing, as long as it’s on the lighter side, as you are far too busy right now to focus too attentively on any one topic. Your willingness to communicate and collect information is prominent now. You enjoy a pleasing level of engagement with your newer pursuits.

Number: 8
Colour: Ruby Red

Gemini: (June 16 – July 15)

Get ready to start new business ventures to start on a positive note. Financial problems may get sorted as loved ones provide great help. The next few days are excellent for appealing investments that promise decent returns. Romance takes a huge beating as minor differences flare up. If you go for shopping, you are likely to find a nice bargain and then planning an evening with friends will be rather pleasant.

Number: 2
Colour: Creamy white

Cancer: (July 16 – August 15)

You can enjoy an enjoyable sense of amity with others in the first half of the day. You might have some inspirational and motivating conversations in your social network. Networking or group activities can be more than satisfying and engaging, especially for exchange of ideas. It’s one of the better days for casually communicating, and good one for revisiting old ideas or discussions.

Number: 7
Colour: Pearl white

Leo: (August 16 – September 15)

An unhealthy conversation can lead you to an annoying misunderstanding today. You are quite garrulous while a friendly planet encourages communication. However, rational configuration with creative buddies spoils the waters with unknown fantasies. Dreams will stimulate you into action. However, you may need to fine-tune your plans when you face unforeseen resistance from an authority figure. Try to stay safe.

Number: 9
Colour: Golden

Virgo: (September 16 – October 15)

You might get back to an old interest with whom you did not get the chance to follow up on in the past, and now resolve to pursue it further. Mind you, there could be some over-emphasis on business outcomes to the extent that you are a little on edge, making a positive change into your set dreams and happiness goals very welcome.

Number: 8
Colour: Violet

Libra: (October 16 – November 15)

You may try to deflect some of your prevailing feelings because you don’t want to put yourself in an emotionally susceptible position. Although your likings are very unusual today, going along with someone else’s plan could be logically less complicated. Nevertheless, it’s a clever idea to let others know what you want without letting them to take responsibility for your needs.

Number: 8
Colour: Pale pink

Scorpio: (November 16 – December 15)

Today you will be emotionally very touchy. You may feel like twisting up and remaining restricted to home. Things which make you feel protected may be taken away from you. But do not worry; you are just momentarily separated from the things you adore the most. Follow your instincts and adhere to the fitness program as well.

Number: 2
Colour: Sunlight yellow

Sagittarius: (December 16 – January 13)

It is important that you do not rush to any conclusion or let delusions build up in your relationship. Try for a greater degree of frankness and honesty as an atmosphere of disbelief is likely to take firm hold of your relationship during this period. Take special care not to let a third person sway your opinion about your partner and thus dictate your behaviour towards him / her.

Number: 5
Colour: Leaf green

Capricorn : (January 14 – February 11)

Your workload is treating you well and you have your hands full with too many creative projects. Still a new opportunity will surface today which will be quite progressive for your career. It will upturn the area of your work with more responsibilities. You may want to make an alteration. The opportunity will be available within the same company. Be mindful of any information regarding the same. However, the financial gains may remain the same.

Number: 3
Colour: Pastel shades

Aquarius: (February 12 – March 13)

You might be called upon today to host a big conference or seminar. But slight confusions with the handiness of the venue at your desired time may put you at an awkward position in front of everyone and you may have to postpone the event. You have to keep your cool in such a situation and keep acting positively. This is the minimum you could do to avoid further embarrassment.

Number: 7
Colour: Blue- black

Pisces: (March 14 – April 13)

It may be an unexpectedly embarrassing situation for you that your temperament may shoot up when you have not surely expected this to happen at all. Do not put pressure on your mind for this reaction of yours. Mistakes do happen and you are not the only one who commits them. It may be an upsurge of mental stress which you have been going through in the past few days. Try to take care of that first.

Number: 4
Colour: Golden brown

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