Forecast Today ‘Saturday, 23rd December 2017’

Forecast Today ‘Saturday, 23rd December 2017’


—- By Dr. Ajai Bhambi – Eminent Astrologer

‘Birthday Forecast’

Mercury direct on your solar return chart denotes a good year. You will feel a strong sense of stability at home and with family, and you can expect a surprise gift from a lover or a sibling. Hold your money close, and steer clear of the temptation to be involved in gossip of any kind. You are usually kind and easygoing, my friend, but sometimes you can be tempted by idle chatter. You are able to free yourself from limiting situations and attitudes. Do be careful, however, that you don’t alienate others with a self-centered, defensive attitude. This year, you’re likely to get things moving smoothly, even if you are still rather independent and at times rebellious. You will experiences riches in life, love and finances all due to your kind-hearted nature and creativity!

Lucky dates: 5, 14, 23
Lucky days: Wednesday, Sunday
Lucky colours: Red, Orange, Brown

‘Forecast for Today’

Aries : (April 14 – May 14)

Your emotions are bound to run high. Frustration arises in connection with ideas that come your way. Don’t take offence at criticism, even if it wasn’t meant to be taken personally. Ego may interfere with your acceptance of ideas, methods, or information, but progress is possible. You might be feeling a bit of pressure now; all eyes are on you as you make your way today.

Number: 5
Colour: Rose Pink

Taurus : (May 15 – June 15)

Those in positions of authority over you could be exceptionally demanding and emotional today, but you may be fortunate enough to have a caring boss who is moved to help you with your personal concerns. You may be more aware of public opinion and pay close attention to what you hear around the traps. Even if you disagree with someone you respect, try to keep it to yourself.

Number: 4
Colour: Lime green

Gemini : (June 16 – July 15)

Feel like you could clone self to do whatever you are doing today? Whether you’re at home or at the workplace, it is very much a togetherness thing. Be ready for the occasional tense situation through the day, not because you’re being overly assertive, but you just feeling a little overwrought. If you do stir up a problem, don’t do it to excess.

Number: 4
Colour: Fern Green

Cancer : (July 16 – August 15)

If you want to get ahead, you will have to work within the system. Once you are in a position of power, you can start making changes! Get in touch with your friends and organise date for playing for tonight; now’s time to get out and have some fun. You are encouraged to cavort about with your most vibrant playmates.

Number: 1
Colour: Airforce blue

Leo : (August 16 – September 15)

Don’t while away the hours inside alone during this time period. True, these same friends might drive you to distraction with their threatical tales, but you can give thanks that your life appears tame in comparison to the situations they find themselves in. Some of you might be frustrated with office or community gossip today; make an effort to avoid participating and spare yourself the bad karma.

Number: 4
Colour: Fern Green

Virgo : (September 16 – October 15)

It appears no one is completing any work today except for you. Don’t expect anybody to come through for you on any favours. If you are caught up in a secret romance, make sure you keep it carefully under wraps. The office gossips are keeping an eye on you. It’ll be less difficult for you to speak about what’s on your mind.

Number: 1
Colour: Yellowish green

Libra : (October 16 – November 15)

Today you can let yourself to do what shyness has stopped you from doing in the past. There will be some spikes at the home and within friendships over the day. Delve into the depths to enquire and develop the longer-term solutions. It might involve money or emotional issues. Or, maybe, the more basic questions you are currently asking yourself.

Number: 1
Colour: Royal blue

Scorpio : (November 16 – December 15)

Your dreams are unusually evocative at this time, so think about keeping a pad and pen on your bedside table. Hints to your inner consciousness related to past experiences may come through as re-occurring themes in your sleeping meanderings. Allow your charm and communicative inventiveness give you a heavenly lift! Why not organise a party? Invite all your friends!

Number: 6
Colour: Bright Pink

Sagittarius : (December 16 – January 13)

Be attentive to the language of your dreams. You might experience low energy levels today, so pace yourself accordingly. Enormous insight can be yours tonight. Dreams you have now are likely to be revealing, if enigmatic and confusing. Spending time on your own will assist you to reach a more profound understanding of your own subconscious drives.

Number: 3
Colour: Magenta

Capricorn : (January 14 – February 11)

You may have to do some flying during the next few days, so don’t let extra security precautions and flight delays ruin your mood. It should be easy to look at life as a great adventure, but it’s also easy to become overly emotional when schedules are changed and things don’t work out quite as planned. Avoid crowded places, deafening music, and other forms of spiritual contamination.

Number: 4
Colour: Moss Green

Aquarius : (February 12 – March 13)

Keeping yourself healthy does not only apply to the body. You have to get into good shape physically, but it is also important to look after yourself psychologically. Think about what calms you down, and make sure that today at least you schedule that into the diary. Companions are preoccupied foe the next few days. Learn to meditate and control your eating and sleeping patterns.

Number: 3
Colour: Dusky pink

Pisces : (March 14 – April 13)

Sharing your ideas with your friends and associates will be invigorating for you today. Tell someone about your plans for the future and get some feedback! Chances are good others will be supportive of your dreams and goals. This is also a wonderful time to sample cultural treasures, so make time for trying something new today.

Number: 2
Colour: Rust brown