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Forecast Today ‘Saturday, 2nd December 2017’

—- By Dr. Ajai Bhambi – Eminent Astrologer

‘Birthday Forecast’

Moon trine Pluto on your solar return chart denotes a good year. This year, you will need to spend some time offering recognition and gratitude to coworkers, lovers, friends and family. You love to be recognized and appreciated, and now it is your turn to give, rather than receive. Write thank-you notes, make homemade brownies, buy flowers and give everyone you know and love an extra pat on the back. You will find that when you are consistently generous, loving and positive, the Universe will respond in kind. The more you give, the more you get, in ways that you can’t even imagine! Those of you looking for excitement are likely to get plenty this year! Unusual new people, opportunities and changes in general are all indicated.

Lucky dates: 2, 11, 20, 29
Lucky days: Monday, Wednesday
Lucky colours: White, Pink, Mauve

‘Forecast for Today’

Aries : (April 14 – May 14)

Today you can safely display your affection, give gifts, and persuade a loved one to cooperate. For males, today is a good day to understand and be understood by women including mothers, wives, and sisters. Don’t over analyze situations and conversations. Financial matters might make you a little upset. Do your best to avoid over spending, and the day shall pass peacefully.

Number: 3
Colour: Sea Green

Taurus : (May 15 – June 15)

If anyone can sweet talk their way into an extended conversation, it’s you — and you’re an expert at putting others at ease. This skill will come in handy today when you meet a dark stranger, who maybe isn’t such a stranger at all. You’re so intrigued, you can’t believe you never made an effort to get to know this person before.

Number: 6
Colour: Honey Brown

Gemini : (June 16 – July 15)

When we treat our past accomplishments as steps on the stairway of success, these personal and professional triumphs provide us with a strong foundation from which we can overcome the roadblocks that stand between us and our goals. We are motivated by the pride we feel when we take stock of the adversity over which we have successfully prevailed in the past. Carl Jung wrote, “What you resist, persists.”

Number: 5
Colour: Rust

Cancer : (July 16 – August 15)

As much as you may want to spend the day on your own, others expect you to volunteer. If you can change your mood around, you just might go the extra mile for someone who really needs your help. As long as you’re a civil servant, keep a smile on your face. If you can’t find the time to do something you enjoy, the day might lose some of its luster.

Number: 3
Colour: Brown grey

Leo : (August 16 – September 15)

A secret you’ve been guarding with practically your life is about to be revealed, if it hasn’t been already. The dogs are on to you and they’ve caught your scent. Just be sure your significant other isn’t caught off guard. You owe it to them to let them know what’s going on, especially after your recent shenanigans. It’s better if they hear it from you — so take the time today to explain your side of the story.

Number: 6
Colour: Copper

Virgo : (September 16 – October 15)

Confrontation has a funny way of making things clear and forcing you to make a decision. Perhaps you’re wondering what to do about a relationship issue — well, you probably won’t have to wonder much longer. Be ready to put your money where your mouth is. You’ll get your chance when someone who possesses a knack for BS comes along and pushes all the right (or wrong) buttons.

Number: 8
Colour: Khaki

Libra : (October 16 – November 15)

Our realistic view of all we have done can help us more effectively plan for that which we expect to face in the days, weeks, and months to come. While the praise we receive from others is often the catalyst that brings to mind our achievements, the recognition we give ourselves provides a much more potent form of encouragement.

Number: 4
Colour: Fern Green

Scorpio : (November 16 – December 15)

Self-confidence is the name of the game, and you’re the star player. If you aren’t able to control others, at least control yourself. You owe it to everyone around you to set an example. Do your due diligence and try to uncover the furtiveness before you commit to anything. Take your time. You will eventually see what your gut is trying to tell you.

Number: 8
Colour: Golden yellow

Sagittarius : (December 16 – January 13)

You are strangely quiet today, but your presence seems larger than life to others. The unrelenting planets concentrate the cosmic energy in your high status, but the most profound transformations are occurring out of everyone else’s sight. Dr. Albert Schweitzer wrote, “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

Number: 4
Colour: Leaf green

Capricorn : (January 14 – February 11)

Your ambitious goals are within reach; all you need to do is stretch your wings. You might be feeling dissatisfied with your current lot in life today, and you’re eager to seize every intriguing opportunity that passes your way. The powerful planets trigger big ideas, connecting your emotions with far-reaching plans. You won’t be happy until you have exceeded your wildest dreams.

Number: 2
Colour: Fern Green

Aquarius : (February 12 – March 13)

Friendships and alliances may be on shaky ground. It might be best to walk around on tiptoes until you can be sure of who is on your side. Whatever happens, know that the consequences of all actions are not immediately apparent. Throughout the day, be wary of a false sense of security. Are you sure you’re in the right? If not, keep your mouth closed and your ears open to other possibilities.

Number: 4
Colour: Turquoise Blue

Pisces : (March 14 – April 13)

It might feel as if you’re not receiving the support you expect from others as they withhold important facts from you. You’re concerned that you misinterpreted someone’s behavior and hope to set the record straight today. However, it seems as if you are running out of time and must take action immediately or you will lose your chance.

Number: 7
Colour: Lime Green

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