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Forecast Today ‘Wednesday, 6th April 2016’

—- By Ajai Bhambi – Eminent Astrologer

‘Birthday Forecast’

Positive developments will mark this year as Moon conjunct Venus on your solar return chart. This busy phase is indicative of good tidings both on the professional front as well as in personal relationships. This phase will be one where your reputation will enhance and this will give you wonderful results. You meet with success in competition, exam etc. Court matters would go well. Communication will be a powerful weapon in your armoury. This year also brings for you socializing, romance and stability at the work place. Joy will greet you as your social activities increase. Do not ignore any health issues. Children will need focused time and attention.

Lucky dates: 6, 15, 24

Lucky days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Lucky colours: White, Grey, Silver

‘Forecast for Today’

Aries : (April 14 – May 14)

Be on the lookout for sudden moves from others which could upset your flow of work. If you plan to start a new initiative, do so with a solid strategy in mind and don’t get influenced by too many people. It would be best to hold your cards close to your chest at this time.

Number: 6
Colour: Bronze

Taurus : (May 15 – June 15)

Some form of relaxation will help you enhance your mental clarity and you will fare well in negotiations. You would be able to influence people to see things from your point of view. You will be supported by positive energies. Romantic life will be full of joy.

Number: 8
Colour: Silver

Gemini : (June 16 – July 15)

It is a good time to consider different perspectives and work together with like-minded people. This will help you regain your momentum. You may like to volunteer to do some social work. If you are a student, you will fare very well in your studies. Love life will take a serious turn now.

Number: 2
Colour: Dull Gold

Cancer : (July 16 – August 15)

Good incentives will spur you on to take up a new but difficult assignment in professional life. To get a more objective assessment of your career goals, you will decide to talk to a close friend. This will help you consider different ideas and expectations. Take care of your intake.

Number: 4
Colour: Pearl White

Leo : (August 16 – September 15)

Professionals may encounter an atmosphere of suspicion and resentment. It is in your interest not to react impulsively and antagonize colleagues further. It is a passing phase and everything will be well soon. Business will have its usual ups and downs; while some deals will yield profit, others may end in so go about your work carefully.

Number: 8
Colour: Coral

Virgo : (September 16 – October 15)

Professional activities will be highlighted today. You could be asked to take an important decision. Personal life takes an interesting turn. There is a smell of romance in the air and you could get swept off your feet. A long journey can be made to visit a relative.

Number: 1
Colour: Jade green

Libra : (October 16 – November 15)

Your business acumen will be especially sharp today as you work with a business associate. As a student, your performance will be appreciated by your mentor. In the evening, your social life will be heightened and you will get the chance to meet people from various walks of life.

Number: 5
Colour: Ruby red

Scorpio : (November 16 – December 15)

You may be pondering over some changes that you would like to make next. As you go about doing this it will be essential to prioritize and organize things so that you can get matters to move smoothly. An acquaintance will go out of their way to help you in a personal matter.

Number: 9
Colour: Air Force Blue

Sagittarius : (December 16 – January 13)

Someone you thought you knew well would show their dark side and you may have to re-evaluate your relationship. At work if you learn how to adapt yourself to the situation in hand you will obtain great well-being and assured success. Don’t neglect your health timely attention will stop any ailment from flaring up.

Number: 7
Colour: Violet

Capricorn : (January 14 – February 11)

It is a very favorable period for your business and career and you should avail of every opportunity to further your interest. As a student, you may have to travel to take a competitive examination. A short trip can be made which will prove to be very beneficial. Marital relations are going to improve.

Number: 4
Colour: Crimson

Aquarius : (February 12 – March 13)

You feel much more grounded today and are able to connect with the people around you. It is a good time for you to strengthen your team. You could also just spend time with your family and enjoy what you have got as family ties will be strong. Socially too you will be in demand.

Number: 9
Colour: Wine Red

Pisces : (March 14 – April 13)

A new professional possibility may come your way today. Be open to any invitations or offers you receive. This may not be one of the most traditional of ways, so you need to pay close attention and be receptive to new ideas. Do not overlook something that seems challenging as this will help you enhance your capabilities which are not lacking.

Number: 4
Colour: Baby Pink
—- By Ajai Bhambi – Eminent Astrologer

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