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Forever Young………? Be Active

Today:- Most of the people crossed the age of 60 years but look young and some people behave and look like older in the age of 20-25 years. In a very simple words we can say you can make your mind young with ascetic life, age doesn’t matter for heart and mind to remain fit. we can not stop of growing age but scientists have found the formula to grow in better way of human’s mind. According to the new research we can make our mind and health fit in strict life and the mind remain young in the age of 60 years too.
According to the Lars Nieberg of Yuma University, Sweden that when the age grows then the human’s mind is not able to recall quickly but mostly elders are good in recalling everything just because of young mind. In today’s generation we are able to see those elders who are active in the age of 60 years.
Nieberg said studies can not stop to your mind. Those people have recalling problem who have done PHD and those who did high school.
According to university’s advise if you are indulge into some thing that’s the part of successful. so, who are active or fit with their mind, health and social life those people work do well.
Nieberg has a proof that to be fit with physically and mentally that the best option to make the mind young.
BY: Shahina Noor- Translation- Jasleen Kaur

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