Home Breaking News Fourteen computer science students drown on picnic

Fourteen computer science students drown on picnic

Ignored Red Flags, Went Into Sea Off Alibaug

Today :- Mumbai,Feb – Fourteen computer science students of a Pune college, including twin sisters, drowned when they ventured into the treacherous sea off Murud beach near Alibaug in Raigad district, ignoring warnings during a college picnic on Monday. Six others were rescued by locals. They also assisted the coast guard in recovering the bodies of the victims, all between 19 and 23 years old. Among the 14 dead are 10 girls and four boys, including M Saif Ahmad, whose body was found last after two helicopters of the navy and one chopper of the coast guard were pressed into service in the evening. In all, 115 BSc students had gone with eight teaching and three non-teaching staff of Abeda Inamdar College of Arts, Science & Commerce in Pune’s Camparea in three buses for the picnic at Murud. “The local authorities have put up warning signboards at the beach since there had been drowning here even in the past,” said a Raigad police spokesperson.
Vendors at Maha beach tried to stop students
The Pune students disregarded the formal warnings to venture into the water a little before 4pm, leading to the deaths,” said a Raigad police spokesperson. The horse tenders and vendors at the beach also tried to stop the youngsters from going into what appears to be “shallow waters”, but they did not listen, a Murud policeman told TOL “Some of the students who had ventured a little too far from the shore were caught in swept away,” another cop said. “Last year, six persons from Chembur had drowned on this same beach while they were here on a picnic. The warning signboards are of no use as the picnickers enter the seawater without realising how treacherous these parts of the beach are,” said Murud resident Ashok S, who was on the beach during the tragedy. As news of the incident trickled into Pune, many parents turned u at the college. Some began heatedly questioning the College authorities about why the accompanying teaching and non-teaching staff had not dissuaded the students from going into the sea. Tempers ran high, forcing the Camp police to be summoned. ACP Vasant Tambe and a team of around50 police personnel were deployed at the college campus to keep the peace. Relatives who spoke to reporters alleged that the management had not sent enough teachers to accompany the large group of students.

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