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Get rid of Blood pressure problem permanently

Today:- Stress, hectic lifestyle, family problems, these are the primary reasons found for the blood pressure problem. Till the body is young, it can cope with instant and extreme pressure, but once the body starts ageing the immunity for fighting stress and pressure deteriorates.
The blood pressure problem could be genetic (passed through your mother/father’s genes), these are the main reasons.
what is the cure?
If a person increases the amount of oxygen through Pranayama in his body, then blood pressure could be cured. Medication can be a boon for the B.P. patients. Acidity and indigestion are also a reason for the blood pressure.
Kapalbhati Pranayama is the best Pranayama for stomach ailments as well for nostrils and diaphragm. Bhrastrika pranayama helps in relaxing the mind and heart. These are just normal general remedies and have no side effects.
A slight change in lifestyle also helps like less intake of salt, pumpkin juice is like Ram Baan for the B.P. patients. To get the best analysis, please visit this video of Baba Ramdev:-

BY: Abhilash Srivastava

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