Get some hair makeover this New Year’s eve

Get some hair makeover this New Year’s eve


Today:- New Delhi, Dec – With New Year comes the joy to dress up for the occasion. Celebrating at work, at school, in the family circle or partying with friends, you certainly want to look special and a lovely hairstyle can give a makeover to your look, say experts.

Experts from Advanced Hair Studio dole out some classy hair style tips to look ultra-glamorous during this festive season.

* Textured middle bun: This is perhaps one of the best and cutest hairstyles for a New Year party. The hair is tousled and shaped into an airy bun with a messy feel. The style is finished with a tendril escaping one side and a sparkly hair accessory that’s perfect for the holiday season.

* High textured ponytail: Ponytails are one of the few hairstyles that are appropriate for every occasion, even during the holiday season. This ponytail is pretty and party-ready. The placement of this ponytail is high on the head, which allows the long, touchable curls to cascade over the shoulders, framing and softening the face.

* Messy updo with side bangs: This updo is a hundred percent effortless and trendy. Medium-sized sections of hair are twisted and pinned in random order to enhance the messy feel. A gold leaf headband is a nice finishing touch to pull everything together.

* Curly bob with side braid: Hairstyles for New Year’s Eve can be very dressy and sophisticated or more casual and modern. A bob is amped up with thick curls. Also an unfinished side braid is placed in front along the hairline with a single sparkly hair clip to keep the look festive.



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