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Get these overused words out of your dictionary

Today:- Jan – From ‘bae’ to ‘fleek’, ‘squad goals’ and ‘Netflix and chill’- 2015 has had its share of terrible words and phrases. Lake Superior State University in Michigan, USA, has published its annual New Year list of banished words or phrases that it thinks are overused or problematic for thousands of Queen’s English stakeholders. Created from thousands of submissions made through the college’s website, this year’s list includes the likes of ‘so’ – used at the start of a sentence. The word has been nominated again because of the current vogue of using it to start sentences. As in ‘How did you learn to play the piano? Answer: ‘So my dad was in a classical music club.’ Another phrase that stuck in the craw of nominators was ‘breaking the internet’, which originated after Ellen DeGeneres’ famed 2014 Oscar selfie caused Twitter to crash, and has quickly become tired with overuse.

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