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Get Up And Start Walking Around

Today:-You are sitting since……No no stand up and move . What..? It will not harm you because you are a teen. No, you are wrong dear, it is harmful for a kid too. Yes a study found after a single session of prolonged inactivity , the children developed changes in their blood flow and arteries and in grownups it signaled the start of serious cardio-vascular problems.
Teenagers and children who sit too much may face adult sized health consequences according to a sobering new study of healthy young girls.
Till now there is a plenty of evidence of course that uninterrupted sitting dents the health of adults .
According to the study teens and children across Globe sit for about 8.5 hours every day. Another study found that activity levels among children drop after the age of 8 and continue to fall through adolescence, with young people trading movement of sitting .
So, teens if you want to enjoy life more and more make a habit of walking around.
By: T.K.Teennews1 Network Team

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