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Glamour ruins teen life

Today’s glamorous programs and shows, are they good for teens and youth? They just eat up our teens heart..they watch these programs and even enjoy it, but somewhere deep inside, they are getting demoralised.

They think that the young singers, dancers or any artists are immensely talented and that no one could be better than them and that they are the luckiest people alive. They under estimate themselves and their skills. They value themselves less because they don’t have the glamour factor.

They find that the amount of effort which is put by them is not rewarding, so their heart is broken and hence have difficulty in concentrating on their actual work which is ‘study’.

They overlook the fact that those who get recognition and glamour on television or film do not last for a very long time, they don’t have a very bright future in this industry. This industry needs new faces and as soon as someone come in who is slightly better then, the earlier one is instantly replaced. slowly and slowly the old faces vanish and we don’t even remember if they ever existed.

No doubt that they get quick money and fame but after a while it becomes difficult for them for even to survive.

Where is ‘kanta Laga’ girl? No one knows. Young artists like Hansika Motwani (shaka laka boom boom) got so many opportunities when she was young but now she has been replaced by infinite number of people.

Hardly one out one hundred kids get the recognition they deserve and get to chance to come in the lime light. But those who don’t get this opportunity concentrate on their studies and do very well in their respective fields. They grow as a successful person and a settled one too which is far more better than struggling. But this is under looked in front of glamour.

A persons ability can’t be and shouldn’t be judged by the popularity factor, their ability and contribution to this world is based on their silent and real work which takes the society one step forward.
By Manasi- Editor

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