Goa emerging as a favoured destination for Yoga

Goa emerging as a favoured destination for Yoga


Today:- Goa, dubbed as India’s beach capital, is trying to woo tourists from West Asian countries this monsoon by offering them newer forms of tourism like Yoga even as travel professionals from Iran made a familiarisation trip to the coastal state.

Goa, known for its sunshine beaches, is of late fast emerging as a favoured destination for Yoga, Ayurveda and wellness tourism.

“Iran?is?an important?tourism market for?Goa?tourism and we are?focussing our?marketing strategies?for?attracting tourists?from this?region. Goa?is?a perfect holiday destination for?visitors?from Iran and?there?is a surge?in footfall?from Iran?during the?last?two?years,” Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar told reporters today.

He said as many as?3990 tourists from Iran had visited Goa in 2014.

While during the charter season 2014-15, as many as 42 chartered flights?landed?in Goa?from Iran?bringing?in 3,594 tourists. Besides, Iran nationals also?visit Goa?as FITs (Free Independent Travellers), Parulekar added.

“Visitors?from the?Middle?East opt to?holiday in Goa during monsoon. Goa?has also carved a niche for itself as a destination?for?yoga, Ayurveda?and?wellness tourism which?are some of the newer tourism?options?that tourists?from?the? Middle East seek?while planning holidays in India,” said Yogesh Naik, Manager (marketing), Goa Tourism Development Corporation, which hosted the familiarisation (FAM) tour.

He said the state government wanted to enhance footfall from?the?West Asian countries by giving them experience?of new offerings in addition to?adventure and all other?forms of tourism.

This is the third FAM trip organised recently by the Goa Tourism Department for travel and tour operators from the?oil rich provinces?of the?Gulf.

“Two separate familiarisation (FAM) trips from the Gulf regions were hosted in?May and June 2015,” Naik said.

During?the FAM, the guests?from Iran experienced the thrills?of?white?water rafting in Mhadei river in Sattari.

They visited?Atreya Vedic Farm at Mollem, mosques, temples, churches, beaches and?hotel properties, besides relishing Goan cuisine along with?the Goan folklore and culture.

They?also met officials?of?Goa?Tourism?and?various stakeholders in tourism where?they engaged?in?B2B dialogues? and exchanged?views on promotion of?tourism and travel, he said.


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