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Gooseberry works as a doctor

Today;- God has gifted gooseberry to us as a medicine of several diseases. One medicine solves different problems. If we eat one gooseberry in a day then we will get rid of various diseases. And this remedy good for girl’s pain especially during their menses days. Nature gifted this fruit to us as a blessings. Gooseberry’s pickles, Murabba, jam, powder, juice etc. are good for health. Most of the people eat like that and some people are not aware of its specialty. So we are going to tell you how gooseberry can protect us from particular disease ?
Gooseberry is good for digestive system and also help to gain remembering powder, if you take gooseberry i n a proper way then you will look young also. It control Diabetes, heart problems, Piles, Sinus etc.
Gooseberry consist vitamin C, it helps to make your health perfect. So let take a bit knowledge about it:-
1. Juice of Roshan gooseberry helps to make you healthy.
2. You will get rid of diabetes problem.
3. If diabetes patients will take powder of turmeric with gooseberry, it will good for their health.
1. Powder of dry gooseberry is very helpful for piles.
1. powder of gooseberry apply on your forehead, you will feel better instantly.
2. Whosoever have a problem of headache, they should eat gooseberry.
1. Eat gooseberry daily, it will help to sharp your mind and your health will be fine.
2. It will help you in meditation also.
1. Mixture of gooseberry and any oil, apply on your skin then you will not feel irritation.
2. Along with this it decrease skin infection.
1. whosoever wants to be healthy, they should drink mixture of juice of fresh gooseberry and honey then after that drink milk.
2. You will feel energetic and will be happy in whole day.
1. Most of the women are fed up with this white discharge problem and they feel weakness as well.
2. so, take mixture of 3 gram gooseberry powder and 6 gram honey and should continue till one month, then you will not face this problem again in future.
Gooseberry is good for health and solve problem of many health issues and diseases. we can have gooseberry in any way, so let’s start to have this today onward and stay healthy.
By:Shahina Noor-Translation-Jasleen Kaur

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