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Government Is Going To Sell Condom In School

Today:- Todays youth not only entering in their puberty age before time …..but they have become sexually active at the age of 14 to 15. This the reason they are becoming victim of life taking disease . The maximum cases are acknowledged in China. So, the Government of China has become very alert about such kind of risky disease .The government of China has decided to sell condoms in the schools of Shanghai to control the sexually transmitted disease among teenagers.
The Health and Planning Committee of the city has informed a news paper regarding this step in favour to save teens from risk taking disease like HIV and Aids. According to a report number of HIV and Aids patients have been increased these days in China.
It is very alarming that the maximum number of patients of these disease are from age between 15 to 24 years old. According to the report the number of Aids victims are found 1,387 while it was only 482 in 2008. Though the parents of school children are not happy from this decision . Their argument behind the disagreement is ,this kind of decision will encourage teenagers towards early age sex.
Woo, a resident of Shanghai told that’ her son will be in middle school very soon and the impression of selling condom by school authority is not very welcoming’.
Leu Ling ,director of Health and Planning Committee told that she will try to decrease the number 25 percent till 2015. She also informed that children would be given proper sex education in the school too.
By: Shahina Noor (Teennews1 Network Team)

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