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Today:- Are you getting stretch mark like reema? yes, reema is getting stretch marks.. but why? because she goes to college.. are college and stretch marks connected..?? YES, they are

Reema a second year student eats all types of fast food in the college on regularly basis. sometimes over eating due to peer pressure has become a part of her day to day life. Reema is putting on weight and hence she started going to gym.

Gym has given her some relief, she has reduced her weight faster, but due to this fast weight loss she has been getting stretch marks.

Now she cannot wear shorts and sleeveless clothes due to these marks.Earlier Reema could not wear sleeveless and shorts due to her fat problem. So, she wanted to get slim and trim so that she could wear her choice of dress and now when she is finally slim, she can still not wear whatever she likes due to the stretch marks.

She is now unhappy and even more depressed than ever. she is trying hard to get rid of these marks and She is seeing all kinds of dermatologists possible. Even after a huge number of treatments, she is not getting any better, no sort of ointment or technique is giving satisfactory results.

It is just not Reema, many more boys and girls who go to gym are facing the same problem of stretch marks.

And you know, todays girls and even boys are not ready to compromise with their looks, beauty, glamour in their life.

But don’t be disappointed, health specialist has some tips for your clear and smooth skin.

Change your food habits.. drink 8-10 glasses of water daily and see the magical difference in your body.
Eat nutritious food.. from having nutritious food you can get rid of the stretch marks. It gives you soft and spotless skin. vitamin C and E, Zinc, Silica and other nutritious food you should eat.

Love fruits like jamun, strawberry, carrot,almond, nuts, spinach etc.

Lemon juice.. apply it on your stretch arks and after 10min wash it off with water.

Cream and moisturiser.. use those kinds of moisturiser and creams which will help to keep your skin tight.

If your marks are new then apply lotion and cream but these aren’t effective to remove the old ones. no doubt that it will lighter your marks slowly. so, its better to treat it from the first day.. cream which has Retonic acid is the best solution for the new stretch marks.
By: Shahina Noor(Repoeter)Teennews1 Network Team

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