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Handsome Guys Be Ready For A New Job…..

Today:- Handsome and smart young men, there is a good news for you , a new career opportunity is waiting for you.Yes, young and smart men, you can get a job to wipe tears of others when they will start crying at their work place. Sad people are keen to hire you for wiping their tears when they feel like crying and your good looks will console them from their bad mood. 2c5ec24800000578-3236559-image-m-8_1442393357357
A business tycoon has hit Japan and very soon it is going to spread all over the world.
Ikemeso Danshi ( Handsome Weeping Boys) a company of Tokyo has made an album of handsome boys pics to woo the their sad clients. The company allows their customers to take a look at the young men online, before they order one to comfort them. There is fairly wide range- from a rugged Show face adult Ikemeso boy (handsome boy)with a checked shirt and early 2000s pinked band haircut ,to a healing mista- tokio Ikemeso boy in a button down shirt and blazer.

You have to spend only 43 euros and he can even sit with you to watch sad videos so that you can cry easily and get rid of heavy mood.

So, handsome young men be ready to get a job of wiping tears from sad people at work place. Wait and watch which group comes forward to start ‘Handsome Weeping Boys’ business in India.
By: T. K. Teennews1 Network Team

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