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Now say goodbye to hand sanitizers. Modern Teens who are considered the laziest amongst all the generations. Technology has certainly made life easier, specially for teens or in other words “technology has made today’s teens slacky”. They have once again found a way of not getting up from their couch/bed for going to washroom to wash their hands even for 10seconds.
Two teenagers from hong kong developed a door handle that is self sanitizing, killing germs that are spread through hand contact.
As we are all aware that all the heavily touched surfaces like door handles, stair railings, public washrooms water tap, lift buttons can be ground zero for the spread of viruses like cold and flu. An infected person may sneeze or cough in their hands, then touch the surface and the next person to touch it ends up with the germs on their hand as well. All it takes is one eye rub or touch of their mouth and they are infected too.
The germ killing door handle is invented by sum ming wong and kin pong li. The students brainstormed minerals that were toxic to germs and settled on titanium dioxide, which they used to coat a glass tube. Since titanium dioxide requires UV light to kill germs, they then placed an LED in one end to provide UV light and then put brackets on either side which allow it to affix to a door as a handle.Since the handle requires an LED, that means it needs a source of electricity to keep it shining. The students fashioned a gear box that allows for capturing energy from the door opening and closing. The energy is stored in a battery that continually feeds power to the door handle.In tests the door handle coating was 99.8 percent effective at killing germs applied to its surface. This door handle is of just 13$(cheaper than a branded jeans brought by teenagers)
A version of this technology could one day be placed on doctor’s office doors, grocery cart handles and any other surfaces that get an extra share of hand contact.

By: Tanya Kabeer(Reporter)Teennews1 Network Team

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