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High school dropout, Engineer…………………!!!

This had truly been said: Great mind develops in the last bench
We usually think it needs big degrees to do great inventions…………….or make new things.
No we were wrong!!!

A high school dropout has literally proved this.
Have you ever thought of a refrigerator that runs without electricity………..?????

Mansukhbhai Prajapati, a tenth dropout and a tea-shop owner, who created an innovative solution to a problem millions of poor face across the world – he created a low-cost refrigerator from clay.

Mansukhbhai had a traditional business of pottery making, but he wasn’t interested in it, because the business was declining. His mind diverted to rooftop tile manufacturing.

Being a potter himself an idea hit his mind one day when he thought, if tiles could be made out of clay, then why not other products?

That’s how Mansukhbhai created Mitticool, a company that specialises in creating earthenware products like refrigerators, cooker, and filters amongst other products.

A refrigerator made by his company costs Rs. 3,000/- and can be afforded by poor people. It is based on the simple scientific principle that evaporation results into cooling. His refrigerator has channels where water can be filled up and allowed to vaporize, leaving behind a cool space which keeps fruits and vegetables fresh.

Mitti-Cool’s products have reached countries like Africa and Dubai apart from many cities in India.
This very man is so inspiring. He has given something economical and handy to our nation and worldwide. Educational qualification and degrees are not only the way to success.
He is the whole sole example of this.
By :- Namrata Sharma (SubEditor)

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