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Home remedies to quit smoking, and drinking

Today:- In the modern world the lifestyle is hectic, people believe in adding friend rather than making friends. Depression dominates the mood, so to get the temporary relaxation youth switches to intoxicants like Cigarette, Alcohol, Heroin, Ganja, Laudanum, etc.
These intoxicants can provide instant pleasure, but can take the taste out of your life. So if you are struggling with any of this addiction, then this article is for you.
Let’s start with Alcohol, if you are alcoholic and consume it in large quantity and there is no full stop, and then try these remedies.
Mix 1/2 Kg Carom (Thymol, Ajwain in Hindi) seed in 3 liter Lukewarm water and put into a clay pot for nearly48 hours. Warm this mixture on slow fire. When2 liter mixture remains behind then down the pot to cool. After cooling filter it and preserve it into a bottle. Every time use 5-6 spoon of this water mixture like alcohol when you have a strong desire to drink alcohol. Try this remedy and results will start to show in 10 days as you will power will strengthen to quit Alcohol.
If you suffer from addiction of smoking then follow these remedies:-
You will have to take some time off and prepare the powder of these herbs. Musli (Chlorphytum borivillianum), Majuphal (Quercus infectoria Oliv.), Lodh Pathani, bark of Bibhitak / Bheda  (Terminalia bellirica), flowers of black betel nut. Mix this powder with some milk and make small pills. Use these pills one by one when willing for smoking and sooner your body will respond and you will be on the way of quitting smoking.
If you want to Quit Afeem (Laudanum), then use Ajwain (Carom) powder as it will control your desire for Laudanum.
By: Abhilash Srivastava

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