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Hormonal Change – More nutrition required

We teens are so choosy that we only care about our likes and dislikes, at times messing up with our health because of this. We are very crazy for junk food which makes us susceptible to illness and lifestyle disease in such a small age.

Girls of 12 to 13 years and boys of 14 to 15 years pass through puberty phase. During this phase of their life, they undergo physical developments and various hormonal changes in their body. Teens require more calories, more protein, iron and calcium and other minerals, even fats and carbohydrates to certain extent for the overall development of their body and mind. Also catering to the needs of higher energy. When girls should consume nutritious diet, they are avoiding fatty food to be slim and trim and be most popular among peers. But such idea should not be encouraged. I must say, you all should have diets consisting of omega 3 fatty acids like soy milk, yoghurt, flaxseeds, walnuts, sprouts, oats, cereals, eggs etc. Such food is good for your hair, skin, and immune system.

Fast Food……plss….. give a break

Another aspect …….Even heart disease and diabetes are prevalent among them these days. Intake of fast food is the most important culprit.

Misconceptions …to be cleared

During puberty, at times,fat gets deposited in some parts of body . And gals, you feel as if you are becoming fat. You start dieting and become devoid of the essential nutrients required by the body. For example, iron which is a must for the brain and for strengthening the immune system too should be included in your diet.
By:S,Noor and Kavita

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