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‘How to develop Emotional Quotient in a child?’

Today:- August – Emotions are what differentiates a mind from the matter. Every living organism, especially humans manifest emotions but in different gradation, and to understand the significance of a balanced emotional state The Time NIE, in association with The Pramerica Spirits of community awards and Extra marks Education held a symposium The Principals’ Knowledge Meet 2018-19 at The Hotel Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar-I.
More Than 350 principals and chairpersons together with experts from Indo-German Natural Health and Jaypee Hospitals Noida deliberated over the topic ‘How to develop Emotional Quotient in a child?’
The conference commenced with a welcome address. The guests who Partook in the extensive discourse were Poonam Singh Jamwal, CEO of Extra marks Education and Rajni Kumar, Programme Director of The Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards along with dignitaries from Jaypee Hospital (Noida), Indi-German Natural Health, Kidzania, Barbeque Nation EOD, Smaaash, clinic Clinic, Alps Beauty Group, Kairali Ayurvedic Group, and Adventure Island Metro Walk also presided over the event.
During an interactive session, Dr Yukti Rastogi from Jaypee Hospital. Noida said that emotions are a primary factor in a person’s growth, success and learning. Emotions make or break a budding leader.
Further, in the discussing, it was understood that emotional intelligence is primarily a person’s ability to perceive an emotion, facilitating thoughts, then understanding the depth of an emotion and also managing an emotion in times of need.
In India, the stigma associated with any mental illness has claimed innumerable lives, as patients are denied treatments at right time all because of the existing prejudices and stereo types. The gravitas of the situation was explained by Yukti Rustogi through meticulous Power Point presentation.
The guest speaker Pooja Anand, from Indo-German Natural Health too forward the session and highlighted the fact that nothing in excess ins eve good, not even emotions. Over possessiveness, or over competiveness or extremely low self-esteem can lead to fatal conditions, Emotional Quotient should be balanced, The conscious and sub-conscious mind together balances the EQ of a person.
As the day proceeded, Yoga guru spearheaded a yoga session, wherein simple asanas for principals were practiced which could be done as a stress-buster.
The helm of the interaction was then taken over by special guest Rajni Kumar, Programme Director, The Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards and Poonam Singh Jamwal, CEO, Extra marks Education. They emphasized that to develop an emotional intelligence in students, they should be allowed to face their problems on their own. Their god work should be acknowledged ant appreciated which in tum would motivate them. It is necessary for parents to not impose their thoughts, opinions and solutions on their children. a child should get support for them to grow not to for them get crippled.
After a day-filled games and lucky draws were enjoyed by the principals. The winners won exciting vouchers from Alps Beauty Grope, Indo German Natural Health, Kairali Ayurvedic Group, Clinic Calee, Jaypee Hospital (Noida), EOD, Oysters, Smaaash, Kidzania, Adventure Island Metro Wallk, Barbeque Nation and Extra marks Education.
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