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I am following a special diet plan for my character Veer: Laksh

Today:- Jan – Popular actor and teen heartthrob Laksh, who hails from Delhi, is currently being seen as Veer Mehra in Ekta Kapoor’s newly launched show Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil. After his last two shows, Laksh is seen in a different avatar here. The young actor is also following a special diet plan to get into the skin of his character Veer.

When asked about Veer, Laksh says, “The special thing about the character is that I have never played something like this before and never thought that I would play such a grey character. People are thinking that it’s negative and are relating it to Apoorva Agnihotri from the film Pardes, which is not true. The exciting part about the character is that he is all into himself and doesn’t consider anyone at his level or beyond him. The way he lives his life is quite exciting. The way he sits, the way he walks is all very unique. The role excited me and it’s quite challenging and it’s different from what I have done before.”

Laksh adds, “After my last show wrapped up, I thought I should reduce a bit. When Veer’s character came to me I felt it’s needed. So I went on for a special diet which I am following for the last 45 days and somehow, I feel my facial expressions are much clear now. My diet is consisting of high protein and I have to decrease the carb intake to almost nil. Side by side, my martial arts training is also going on. I am finding it a bit tough to maintain everything with a daily shooting schedule but not complaining a lot because I have started enjoying portraying Veer on screen.”

Catch Laksh as Veer on Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil every Monday to Friday at 8 pm on Star Plus!
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