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IIT Roorkee raises funds to make youth employable

Today:- Roorkee, March – IIT Roorkee Cognizance, an annual technical festival of the campus, has launched a pan-India fund raising campaign to sponsor a skill-based training programme for 40 unemployed youth and help them get jobs.

The campaign in partnership with non-profit organisation Pratham Education Foundation has so far raised Rs 29,604, according to a statement.

With the cost of helping one student acquire vocational skills at Rs 2,500, the cognizance team aims to raise Rs 1 lakh to help at least 40 people to “stand-up confidently in the job market”, the statement said.

“The annual technical festival has been taking up various social problems and working on them over years. The Cognizance team has contributed to the generous cause, but because of being a not-for-profit student organisation, we are able to produce just a tiny ripple of change,” Cognizance 2018 Convener -administration- Manmohan Singh Charan said in the statement.

After the training, Pratham has ensured placement and entrepreneurship support to these youth.

“Pratham has been closing the skills gap by providing industry-specific training to underprivileged youth, helping them accumulate experience and transition to employment in new professions and localities.”

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