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Innocent mind, ‘Dad beats mom,’

Today :-Kolkata, Feb-: ‘Dad beats mom,’ kid writes in school essay. When a teacher of an English–medium school in Salt Lake asked Class V students to write an essay on “My Family”, little did she know that the innocuous assignment would uncover a disturbing tale of abuse binge tale of abuse. “My dad is a dad man, He beats my mother regularly. Mom and I cry every night. No one cares for us. Even our uncles have turned a deaf ear t us. Dad beats me also. This is my family, “revealed a submission. The essay was a candid revelation of angst by girl in the class. It went on to convey her wish to escape the abusive situation at home. “When I will grow up I will take my mother far away from my dad, “she wrote. The easy took the teacher by surprise as the girl’s usually calm demeanor had given no indication of such troubles at home. “I could not understand what to do. I talked to the principal we consulted our school counselor,” said the student’s class teacher, who had checked her submission. Subsequently, the girl’s parents were counseled to stay separately unless the father mended his ways. Exposure to physical abuse can leave lasting scars on a child’s mind. Psychologists feel incidents such as these are sometimes difficult to share even with close friends. Writing then down is an easier alternative. “The girl’s act cannot be dismissed as childish. She vented her pent-up feelings through this essay,” said psychologist Jayranjan Ram. Parent consultant Payel Ghosh said it was important that the girl felt comfortable at the school to express herself in an essay. The incident has highlighted the need for a supportive environment and student counselors at school.

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