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Intelligent street lamps installed in Shanghai

Today:-Shanghai,Oct-Shanghai has installed several multifunction street lamp posts fitted with touch screens and surveillance cameras that, among other things, will provide free Wi-Fi, area traffic conditions and charging stations for electric vehicles.

Fifteen lamps, each eight metres in height, have been installed along Dagu road in Jing’an district. Each of the street lamps is equipped with an emergency button that provides immediate access to the city’s public services, including police and firefighters, the China Daily reported on Thursday.

The surveillance camera on the post will record any activity in the area. When serious traffic congestion or public hazards occur, the street lamp’s radio will broadcast evacuation and emergency information and instructions.

“The posts have been designed to serve the purpose of public service and safety as well as energy efficiency,” said Lin Tao, deputy director of the 50th Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation.

The institute worked on the overall design. The project integrated existing resources from all parties involved and focused on cooperation, he said.

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