Today:- Do you think you are catching flue very easily. You find yourself healthy then start sneezing and the symptom of flu comes on surface. You are surprised of sudden and frequent attack of cold and cough . May be you are addicted to net .Yes,net addiction can make your immune system very weak. It increases the risk of catching flu ,cold by 30%.
Spending too much time online may increase your risk of catching a cold and a flu , excessive use of internet can damage the functioning of your immune system, a new study has claimed. The study by scientist from Swansea and Milan University evaluated five hundred people aged 18 to 101 years old .They found a connection between cold, flu and use of internet. They found that those who reported over using internet also reported having more cold and flu symptoms than those people who did not report excessive internet use.
Around 40% of the sample reported mild or worse levels of addiction —a figure which did not differ between male and females. Professor Phil Reed of Swansea University established an impact of the internet on people’s health . He found the reason behind the connection of net and cold and flu.
Actually when a person uses internet for a long time and gets addicted and in this case when he is disconnected from it, he becomes very stressed and when again he’s connected, he gets relief , this cycle of stress and relief may lead to altered levels of Cortisol. Cortisol a hormone that impacts the functioning of your immune system.
We must take break time to time from our internet using habit.
By: Tanya Kabeer(Reporter)

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