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Is Sonam desperate to work with Hrithik

Today:- It is almost a decade, when Sonam Kapoor entered Bollywood, but her eight year journey was like travelling in roadways bus, lots of breaks with a minimum speed.
Despite coming from film fraternity and being the daughter of Macho Mustache man Anil Kapoor, who has extended the Bollwood territories till America, she hadn’t made any mark in Bollywood. It seems like her role model is Abhishek Bacchan.
Her contemporaries like Deepika Padukone have climbed the mountain of success, but she still finds it hard to stand on her feet.
The Indian Fashionista loves to enjoy the limelight and remains the hot potato for filmy magazines as she is prone to giving “Controversial comments”.
Her last hit movie was Bhag Milkha Bhag, which focused on Farhan and she was used like a mobile accessory. She has the potential, but hardly ahs temperament.
After the months long break, she finally tasted success with her new Album Dheere Dheere, which also casts Greek God Hrithik Roshan. The Album is a super hit and has crossed 20 million views.
Hrithik looked overjoyed with the feedback and asked Sonam “Oye @sonamakapoor crossed 20 million today! http://bit.ly/DDvideosong  what shall we do next 🙂 and here is Sonam’s reply “@iHrithik how about a movie Hrithik??? “
Doesn’t she look desperate to work with him , which means she can be apart of megahit project.
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