Home Entertainment “I’ve always dreamt of playing a bat woman.” – Kashmera Shah

“I’ve always dreamt of playing a bat woman.” – Kashmera Shah

Kashmera Shah at her Calendar Launch. Photo: FilmiTadka.

Today:- DEC- Kashmera Shah is all set to make her fiction debut with STAR Plus’ popular show, Siya Ke Ram. The actress will be seen playing the role of Rakshasi Tadaka, the female asura who Ram kills.

Talking about the character, Kashmera said, “I’ve only done films and reality shows so far. Siya Ke Ram being my very first TV show, I’ve always wanted to do a role that challenges me as an actor. Tadaka is exactly what I wanted to do. She is a shape shifter, who can change into anything at any point of time.”

The actress also confesses to having a passion of wanting to do something on the super hero lines. “I always wanted to do something similar to the way bat woman is. The way she flies in the air, fighting the villains, it looks so much fun and challenging to execute. With Tadaka, I am only reliving the fanatasy I had and it feels fabulous.”

Tadaka, who attacks Vishwamitra aashram along with her two sons, Mareech and Subahu is killed by Ram thus marking the end of the violence created by Tadaka in the jungles.

Watch Kashmera Shah as Tadaka in Siya Ke Ram from Monday to Saturday at 8.30 PM only on STAR Plus.
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