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JIBS has done Excellent Job since 2014


JIBS (Jindal Institute Of Behavrial Science) is committed to continuously expand its interdisciplinary and collaborative research in areas including behavioural sciences, law, forensics, policy making and other disciplines.

As part of our community engagement, we offer many free and paid short term courses dealing with a variety of topics that can benefit professionals and academicians.


The Peer Educator is a pioneering idea that capitalizes on the reality that students are often more open and willing to talk about their issues to their peers and seniors.


It is a crucible of ideas and individuals to develop leadership skills and foster transformative change in society. The key to success is the ability to be keenly sensitive to the forces of change as they happen.

JIBS goal is to contribute in making leadership more effective in a more competitive environment. Leaders share their experiences and guide potential young leaders to change the way a system ought to work. By fostering innovative research in this field, our students can explore and nurture their ideas under able guidance of experts and inspiring leaders. We also organize and facilitate conferences, workshops on current issues, clinics, seminars, working papers by professors & practitioners to help nurture the young minds.
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