Job summit to give employment to 10,000 people: Delhi minister

Job summit to give employment to 10,000 people: Delhi minister


Today:- New Delhi, Nov- Delhi Labour Minister Gopal Rai on Friday said the Delhi Government would organise a job submit from November 16 to December 9 that will provide employment to 10,000 job seekers.

Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and Assocham will be resource partner of the job summit, he said.

District Employment Exchanges at R.K. Puram in south Delhi, Shahdara in east Delhi, Kirby Place in Delhi Cantonment and IARI Complex, Pusa in New Delhi have been made the verification centres of the documents and qualifications certificates of the job seekers.

The employment department will start counselling session of interested unemployed persons and will facilitate them job letters after documents verification, he said in a statement.

Various private companies have given their consent to offer job to unemployed persons

Companies participating in the summit include LIC, PNB MET LIFE, Reliance Life Insurance Co. Ltd, Eureka Forbes Ltd, Tata Telecom, Seva Consultancy etc, the statement said.

The AAP government organised a job summit from August 1 to 8 that saw 2,100 people get jobs. The Helpline number for the job summit is 22389393 and applicants can register themselves at


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