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JSPL practices world-class environmental management systems

Today:- Oct – When it comes to the environment, the company has always been an epitome of values. It has been setting high standards through responsible environment management that make life safer and easier for both its workers and the community as a whole. It is committed towards protecting the environment through its various policies and practices. It has institutionalised a fully-functional system to take ahead its ‘green’ agenda.

Some of the notable achievements are: every drop of water is recycled; coal rejects are utilised to generate power; and the residue (fly ash) is used in the construction of roads, houses for employees and other buildings. Even the waste heat generated during the production of Sponge Iron is used to generate electrical power.

The company practices world-class environmental management systems and has implemented the total productive maintenance (TPM) system for better process control. It conserves water through a 100% effluent recycling process.

The company’s nurseries undertake time-to-time distribution of saplings to nearby villages, encouraging ecological conservation. It has fostered large scale afforestation in a bid to enhance greening of 22% of the space at all its steel plants. It is keeping the plant areas clean through mechanised housekeeping initiatives.
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