Karan Kundra and Barkha Singh Ready for Holi

Karan Kundra and Barkha Singh Ready for Holi


Karan Kundra

I have just come back from the Roadies journey and I am extremely excited about Holi as this is going to be my first festival after coming back from the journey. For me Holi is incomplete without spraying color on my girlfriend and family simply because they are the closest to me. I would like to smear my girlfriend, Anusha with red and my family with blue.

Barkha Singh


I believe in celebrating colorless Holi. For me holi is getting into my washroom with my elder sister and my younger brother, my Labrador with a huge drum of water and a pichkari and spraying water on each other. However, this year Holi is going to be different cause I am sure my Girls On Top gang is not going to spare me and they will drag me out of my house to play Holi.I usually celebrate Holi with water but if I really have to play Holi with color and smear my favorite people, it would be with pink. Pink is my favorite color and if I could, I would paint the town pink.


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