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Karisma’s husband Sunjay can meet his children whenever they desire: Actress’ lawyer

Today:- Jan- The fact that Karisma Kapoor’s estranged husband, Delhi-based industrialist Sunjay Kapur, filed for the custody of their kids-Samaira and Kiaan (aged 10and 5 respectively) – didn’t come as a surprise. After both parties withdrew their petitions for divorce on November 27, 2015, the custody battle was inevitable. The actress’ lawyer, Kranti Sathe had hinted at the possibility of it when we spoke to her after the duo withdrew their divorce by mutual consent. Speaking about the new development in the case, Sathe says, “We have so far only heard about the petition. It was appar-ently filed a fortnight ago, but we haven’t received anything yet. We assume it is still pending in the court. We are completely in the dark about the content o the application filed by Sunjay’s legal team. Even the petition withdraw the divorce by mutual consent was first filed by him and then we withdrew ours. We will have to examine the grounds on which he is demanding the custody of the children. Sunjay has been spending time with the kids and even after the divorce by mutual consentpetition fell through, he has been given access to them. He has met the children whenever they had the time and desire to meet, and he can continue to do so.” Sunjay and Karisma got married on September 29, 2003. The couple filed for legal sepration on May 23, 2014 in the Bandra Family Court in Mumbai.

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