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Know Sexual Disease Of A Male By Seeing His Palm

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It is said in the samudrik shastra that with the help of lines, marks and other formation on palm or on the body, we can know things related to happiness and sorrow, assets, relations, health, job, name, fame, health, married life of a person. In this article we will tell you about some formations on palm and body by which you can know about the possibility of sexual disease in a man.
If a person have a well developed mount of Venus, he is likely to have possibilities of blood pressure, Acidity and heart disease. These persons get excited very easily and they are expected to have sexual dysfunction.palmpalm1

Persons, having bright and soft skin of the palm and cross lines on the mount of Venus, get attracted by people of opposite sex very easily. They have lust in their nature. They desire to make intimate relations with the members of opposite sex. They are more prone to sexual dysfunction.
Persons, having mole or brown mark on the mount of Venus, they have high desire of having sex with opposite. These type of individuals may have problems in their sex organs. palm2

Persons, having a sign of island on the mount of Venus, stay dissatisfied with sexual relations with others. Members of opposite sex insult them. They are not likely to have long lasting relation with opposite gender.palm3
If a person have the mark of mole under his or her navel, he or she may have sexual disease. They must control their sexual behavior.
If the mount of Venus is very prominent, highly colored and deeply grilled with long lines, it is an excessive development, and the Venusians characteristics will be strong in the person.

Shailesh Srivastava

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