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Know The Sexual Behavior Of He And She By The Sign Of Mole

Presence of moles on various body parts has been very prominently described in Samudrik Shastra. It is believed that moles on the left part of the woman’s body and on the right part of the man’s body are auspicious.

Moles on some parts of the body give indications of money or trouble. Some reflect the spirit of the love and high desire of having sex with the member of opposite gender.
According to Samudrik Shastra, women who has mole on her lips, are romantic in nature. They have a strong sensation for physical relationships.alia-bhatt-in-ishq-wala-love-song-1
Females who have mole on her chin, they feel difficulties in the field of love and sexual relations.
If a person have sign of mole near his/her right eye, they get success in love matters. They get support from their life partner or spouse. They are likely to have intimate married life.download

Person, who have a mole under the thumb in the palm, they have strong desires of sexual intercourse.
Similarly if someone has a mole on his/her private parts, he/she will also have strong desire for sex and easily get attracted by the member of opposite gender.enhanced-buzz-13728-1369165703-6
By Shailesh Srivastava

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