Lekshmi Jayan’s Stuns the Judges on Indian Idol 10

Lekshmi Jayan’s Stuns the Judges on Indian Idol 10


Today:- July – Sony Entertainment Television’s singing reality show Indian Idol 10 is all set to showcase some great singing of our nation. Popularly known to give extravagant talent to the country, the show is all set to raise the bar yet again with not only remarkable talent but awe-inspiring stories. One of the few platforms known to recognize and encourage young budding singers is off to a great start with the selection of the best young singers across the country.

The audition phase that witnessed some astonishing singers from every corner startled the judges with their melodious voices. While some received great indebtedness, some were guided for improvement. Out of the lot were a few talents who not only received great appreciation but managed to make a special place in the hearts of the judges. One such talent was a Lekshmi Jayan from Kerala, who not only amazed the audience and judges with her musical voice but astounded them with her dual – male and female voice on the song ‘Ooh La La’. Lekshmi’s performance was so impressive that she received a standing ovation from judge Neha Kakkar.

Lekshmi says,” It’s a great feeling to be applauded for your talent especially by such renowned judges. It was an overwhelming feeling when Neha Mam, Anup Malik Sir and Vishal Dadlani applauded for me and gave me such great comments. It’s a dream come true and I am excited and let’s see what future has in store for us”.

Watch Indian Idol every Saturday and Sunday, 8PM only on Sony Entertainment television!

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